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Three Reasons Why Consumers Uninstall Mobile Apps

According to Technopedia, there are approximately 3.1 million apps on Google Play and the Apple Store. Getting consumers to download an app is difficult enough; getting them to keep it is a whole other bargain.

Thirty-six percent of mobile users uninstall apps within a month of downloading them, and only 11 percent keep their apps for a year. Many factors influence early uninstallation. The following are three examples.

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1. The app has a limited life cycle.

Apps that are only usable for a particular period are often uninstalled once they have completed their purpose. Examples of this type of app include apps that track weight loss, apps created to coincide with a movie release or event, and short games.

If a limited life cycle app is performing well, developers should use it to promote continuous engagement by getting users to sign up for their next app.

2. The app brings nothing new or necessary to the table.

People download apps for many reasons: to learn new things, have fun, or make their life easier. An app that does not meet their needs will get uninstalled quickly, if it ever gets installed at all. Developers should avoid creating apps that are boring, have limited usability, or are simply “not the right fit” for their intended audience. It’s impossible to make everyone happy, so research and analytics are key to narrowing down what the target audience needs and wants.

3. The app is not user-friendly.

Apps that crash, freeze, or take up too much storage are quickly uninstalled. Complicated instructions and an overload of features can overwhelm users.

Creating an app takes a lot of time and effort, so it can be frustrating to developers and marketing teams to be able to place a working app on the market and have its target audience download it, only to uninstall it a few days later. Apps should be thoroughly tested and run on various devices and operating systems to uncover any problems and fix them before release.

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Numerous other factors could lead to early uninstalls. To avoid them, developers should learn more about what their target users want by stepping up their research and focusing on creating a good user experience that incentivizes the loyalty of users.

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Increasing Product Availability and Flexibility Through an Omnichannel Supply Chain

From obtaining raw materials to delivering the final product, a consistently on-point supply chain determines operational efficiency. For this reason, leading retail companies are allocating people, time, and resources just for the management of their supply chain.

With the emergence of an omnichannel supply chain, however, supply management is rapidly changing, affording retailers more flexibility and stability of product availability in different parts of their inventory.

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Similar to multichannel retailing, an omnichannel supply chain manages the supply of a business using a central stock pool to control a number of factors such as pricing, fulfillment, sales, stock management, and ordering. To fulfill these tasks, orders are made from different retail channels, including concessions, franchises, catalogue, web, stores and mobile platforms.

Using an omnichannel supply chain, top retailers such as Cabela’s, IKEA and Target are now providing customers new order delivery and fulfillment options. Shopping is therefore seamless and hassle-free. With the omnichannel platform introducing flexibility and real-time response, companies can successfully align their inventory management across different channels, whether through the Internet, in-store, or on mobile.

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Apart from managing inventory, an omnichannel supply chain also helps retailers facilitate their operations by creating a cleaner inventory data set to gain actionable insights into customer preferences. While enhancing the delivery process and timeline of supplies, it also employs measurement tools by which the supply chain management strategy can be evaluated later on, and issues can be identified and addressed.

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Understanding mobility in brand marketing

In today’s tech savvy environment, ‘mobility’ has easily become one of the buzzwords for marketers who want to stay competitive in the consumer market.


But while mobility is desirable, it is not always obligatory, especially in brand marketing. Companies, for example, should avoid the pressure of creating a mobile app just for the sake of having one.

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Lauren Murray, marketing and communications executive at Brand Union, explains that before venturing into the mobile market, companies must first build on their “brand personality.” In social media platforms, for instance, brands must learn how to behave in a more human way.

Moreover, beyond the product’s positioning, and the company’s belief and purpose, marketers should understand how their consumers behave, and how they could leverage their position in terms of mobility—whether on social media or mobile applications. Does it add value to your brand? Or is just another tactic to increase proximity to target markets?

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Apart from addressing these questions, it is also important to be original when embracing new mobile technologies. An app can be effective only if it is truly tailored to its purpose and perfectly encapsulates the brand’s overall identity. Nike, for example, has used technology by providing a mobile application that enriches customer experience by promoting not just its products, but also music and maps relevant to its brand.

Further with advent of responsive and adaptive web design, app might not be the only way to go. Smart use of web technologies can circumvent the need to have a mobile app by providing a holistic experience on any device.

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Remember, your consumer must always be at the heart of the digital experience. Mobility, on the other hand, is just an element that can help you achieve a more valuable brand identity, and needs threshing prior to implementation.

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Avoid these 4 common UX errors found on websites


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Building an online presence can be tricky for businesses with the huge advent in technology and devices. A well-designed website can instantly make a mark on the customer by delivering the right message at the right time and on the right medium

Despite the importance of a good website, many businesses still overlook simple design issue and end up with websites which are not only user friendly but have no impact on the business. Agreed that websites have various elements and it can be difficult to assign a hierarchy to these elements in order to determine which should be highlighted for the end user and which elements can be ultimately removed for a better overall experience but that cannot be a excuse when the resources to engineer a successful website are so readily available these days.

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On that note here are some of the common mistakes that businesses commit when building their online presences:

1. Neglecting the micro-interactions. Some well-designed websites with great content may still end up failing if they are bogged down by controls and small elements that users find frustrating.

2. Too much text. Some businesses can go overboard with the amount of text that they put on their website. The trouble is that there are other forms of content that they can use and that not all site-users may take the time to read everything.

3. Designed for the wrong demographic. It is important for website designers to take into account the priorities of their target audience. Designing the website based on these considerations will allow them to figure out what elements they need to add so that the end users will find the content and services offered valuable.

4. Not optimized for all channels. Mobile and multi-screen use have increased rapidly and failing to take this into account while designing the website may limit positive user interactions.

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Five guidelines on designing apps catering to preschoolers


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Touch-screen devices have made it easier for preschool-aged children to access educational interactive content. Touch-screen devices are fairly intuitive and easy to use, and can also be powerful educational tools.

Special considerations need to be made by designers when making an app for children. Simply making icons bigger isn’t enough to ensure usability and easier navigation. Below are some guidelines for developing kid-friendly apps.

1. Intuitive gestures

Preschoolers find it difficult to make certain gestures. Tilting and shaking as a means of control can lead to children dropping the device. Pinching is tricky for little fingers with limited dexterity. However, most children know how to tap, swipe, and draw with one finger. Double tapping is difficult for most children to do: an alternative would be for apps that allow holding down and releasing actions.

2. Hotspots

Children often rest their wrists on the bottom left and right corners of a touch-screen device. Many apps place directional arrows on these areas, causing children to exit the activity unintentionally. Directional arrows must be made larger and visually distinct from other interactive icons by placing them at the top of the screen.


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3. Easier navigation

When a child clicks on the wrong icon and is brought to a pop-up screen, the “X” button on the screen or menu should be large and visible. Sliders should be avoided, as preschoolers’ motor skills are still developing and they might not be able to complete the sliding action.

4. Visual cues

Interactive Items should be visually distinct from the rest of the images on the screen. This can be achieved by highlighting colors, animating objects, or adding a visual effect like a sparkle.

5. Make text short and simple

Children of preschool age may find it difficult to read and understand written instructions on their own. Text instructions should be short, in large font, and should start with a call to action; for example, “Click the arrow to see the picture” instead of “To see the picture, click the arrow.”

Children are naturally curious and developers should create apps that nurture this quality while being fun, entertaining, and educational.


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Photon Infotech’s platform powers seamless user experience across channels for Fortune 500s

As head of IT or marketing, it can be difficult to stay abreast with innovative technologies which shape the ever expanding consumer touchpoints One frustrating outcome of this pace of innovation is that various new technologies and platforms are not mutually compatible. This can be the case when you pick and choose software from different companies and try to make it work together to achieve a seamless transition. Furthermore, some software is optimized for tablets and not kiosks, while other programs work best on mobile phones and not on tablets. To circumvent the above mentioned Photon Infotech has created Photon Omni Channel Platform (POP) which is a platform for creating next generation web, mobile, and multi channel presences leveraging existing investments combined with accepted industry best practices.

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Fortune 500 enterprises and many of the cutting edge startups trust Photon Platform because of it’s versatility, reusability and world class technical support . The platform is leveraged by Fortune 500 enterprises for creating digital touchpoints across various platforms by resuing the same codebase and avoids maintenance of monolithic codebases – which help themengage with their customers to build loyalty and trust quickly.

Large enterprises have been able to bring all of their customer engagement channels under one roof to provide a seamless and consistent experience for their customers, regardless of whether these customers engaged on tablets, a laptops, a smartphones or kiosks. Furthermore, the platform’s architecture will enable programmers to create engagement programs in new channels, as well.

The key to e-commerce and customer loyalty is a company’s ability to allow consistent engagement for customers regardless of the channel. You want the end consumer to get the same experience regardless of whether they are using a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet so that they are familiar with and loyal to the brand.

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Mobility matters

Based on the market for mobile devices, it really does.

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In an age where consumers are attached to mobile applications and devices, mobility is one of the greatest factors that contribute to the success of a business. Through and across various operating systems for mobile devices such as the iOS and Android, marketers keep on pushing boundaries by bringing ‘mobile’ ideas into action.

“There’s hard work. And then there’s luck. But there’s also that something else that makes all the difference. And it’s that edge that differentiates the most successful apps from the rest of them,” says mobile app and marketing expert, Rahul Varshneya.

Sharing his insights on, Varshneya revealed that the secret to creating a successful mobile app is to build a product that customers want. He also stressed that companies must consider building a fantastic product that is validated based on customer feedback.

Another reason for the continuing popularity of mobile apps is their ability to become another great product that either solves a problem or entertains.

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A good example of these apps are Zit Picker, Yo Mama and iFar, all of which described as apps “that are true to their names.” Today, these apps are not only seen as mobile software, but useful tools that customers incorporate in their daily lives.

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Photon Infotech is a Great Place to Work for Engineers Who Want to Learn

If you are an engineer and are looking out to work on interesting projects in the mobile and tablet applications domain then Photon Infotech is a great company to pursue. Current and past employees rave about the opportunities to perform cutting-edge work for top corporate clients. You will gain great exposure to latest mobile and omnichannel technologies which will propel your career in the immediate future. Employees also speak highly of the many opportunities to learn, as well as opportunities to advance within the company, along with good onsite opportunities.Photon Infotech focuses on providing cloud to consumer user experiencesMobile, tablet, kiosk, in-store/3rd screen are some of the multiple channels on which engineers work for the company’s clients. They develop central IT technology that is distributed in a number of compelling ways to consumers, which minimizes costs for clients while also providing a consistent user experience.

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Engineers at Photon Infotech work on marquee client projects, including Walgreens25% of fortune 100. The company can not only be an excellent starting point for a recent college graduates, but it can also be a great mid-career move. Regardless of your career stage when you join the company, you will be surrounded by smart and driven technologists from whom you will learn an enormous amount. Because the company is committed to remaining on the bleeding-edge of technology, you can be sure that you will continue to learn and gain exposure to the latest developments within the cloud to consumer user experience space.

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We live in a world which is increasingly going digital. Consumer touch points are increasing exponentially and marketers are in a soup to expand and enhance their digital presence at breakneck speeds or face the consequences of losing out to competition. This exponential growth can be challenging for enterprise IT departments as they have to successfully test and launch digital programs ideated by marketing department with very less turnaround times. Many of the enterprises who are at the forefront of this digital revolution often rely smartly on vendors for a impactful go to market strategy.

Let us take time to quantify what constitutes a good strategy. First things first an enterprise should be very sure why do you want presence on a particular channel and what is the goal of the organization for the same. Some organizations want a mobile or tablet presence just because it would mean a tick on their checklist. Next the focus should be on the user and about how to improve the overall user experience. Many companies have fallen in the trap of over spending on backend systems and not spending enough on the front end interface when the importance for the user is diametrically opposite. Next is the speed of completion of digital programs and for that to happen the marriage of marketing and IT teams is of paramount importance.

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Does the above look daunting? Then you should look at partners who can work with you and help you achieve your digital goals. One such partner is Photon Infotech. Photon Infotech is the largest provider of Cloud to Consumer User Experiences (C2C-UX™) with market share over 25% of the Fortune 100 served, largest in dedicated omnichannel engineers with over 1600 across US, India and Indonesia, and largest in consumer touchpoints with over 60 million a day. Photon Infotech employees proudly work side-by-side with your team and can scale when needed. Apart from the ability to deliver on digital programs Photon Infotech also has tremendous visibility into emerging technologies and they know how to leverage it and apply it to business contexts. Additionally Photon Infotech has great insights into which new technologies are a flash-in-the-pan and which ones are here to stay.

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How to build a mobile app for business on a budget

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A third of small businesses say it’s impossible for them to survive without the help of mobile apps, an AT&T survey reveals. Among the 2,246 small business owners surveyed, 72 percent of them used mobile apps for their respective operations. They practically used apps for GPS and mapping purposes, social media marketing, and document management. However, the most prominent reasons that entrepreneurs cited are as follows: time-saving, increased productivity, and cost-saving benefits.

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Entrepreneur Magazine affirms that time is the most precious commodity for small businesses. By using the right app, companies will save a lot of time. And operating business will never be the same again.

It’s a given that mobile apps can do impressive changes in small business ventures, but the problem lies in the investment needed to build one. As small enterprises, they get discouraged by the amount of time and money they have to invest to penetrate the mobile market. Fortunately, there are tools for building mobile apps designed for those who want to avoid growing expenses and wasted time. Mashable lists down 10 of these excellent platforms:

• Mobile Roadie
• TheAppBuilder
• Good Barber
• Appy Pie
• AppMachine
• GameSalad
• BiznessApp
• AppMakr
• ShoutEm

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It may take a while for business owners to find out which mobile app is essential and what works for them. It doesn’t matter as long as the benefits of adopting the right one promise long -lasting results.

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