What’s Good: Data-Driven Design In The Real World

Data-driven design is surging in popularity trend these days. Designers, writers, and Web page administrators look into data and analytics to help them produce content that is valuable to their target audience and customers.

Data can be quantitative (numerical, showing who, what, when and where) or qualitative (non-numerical, demonstrating why or how). For website optimization, it is usually quantitative. Many tools like Google Analytics usually show quantitative data, but these do not show why people visit a certain page.

Image source: slideshare.net

Image source: slideshare.net

But what makes a good and effective data-driven design? Good data-driven design does not just consider quantitative data, but qualitative as well. While many people in the industry think of qualitative data as nothing but “anecdotal,” these actually impose better insights that improve communication between the consumer, the designer, and the company. When designers and content-makers learn the “why” behind what is stated quantitatively, they will have an idea as to why people keep on coming back to the site, app, or content they’ve produced.

Setting up qualitative and quantitative data is a killer combination, but empirical data will make content the best. Empirical data is any data gathered from experimentation and observation. When data is specific, taking action and providing a solution is easier.

Image source: slideshare.net

Image source: slideshare.net

Set up your data for success. Use quantitative, qualitative as well as empirical data. Don’t be afraid to do trial tests on content you’ve produced, and see where your placement goes. After all, a good data-driven design doesn’t happen overnight.

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