The ABCs of Omnichannel Strategy

Most consumers do not have the slightest idea that omnichannel is changing the retail shopping game nowadays. For consumers, it is an innovative way of shopping and for retailers, selling. What exactly is it?

Omni comes from the word “omnis” which means universal. People can also associate this term with the term “omniscient,” which means all-knowing or all-seeing. Coming from this key idea, omnichannel provides consumers a cohesive shopping experience. According to Forbes, it is a multichannel approach that provides customers a seamless browsing and spending experience, whether they are on their tablets, mobile devices, or even in a brick-and-mortar store. Online, and using different gadgets, the customers can browse and choose the products they like and how they get these.


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When a company decides to implement the omichannel strategy, their customers can check the website for product inventory using an iPad, finalize their purchase details through a desktop, then claim the product from the actual store the day after. This strategy provides the consumers an ultimate hassle-free and uninterrupted shopping experience. Although implementing this strategy is difficult for retailers, a convincing body of research shows that deploying omnichannel strategies increases revenue and promotes loyalty among customers.

Photon Infotech provides its clients the omnichannel experience to help their businesses achieve greater heights. It is the largest global provider of Cloud-to-Consumer User Experience (C2C-UX™). Check out this Twitter page for more information about the cloud-to-consumer user experience!


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Photon Infotech is the largest global provider of Cloud-to-Consumer User Experiences (C2C-UX), which are cross-platform, multichannel solutions that include mobile, social, web, kiosk, and in-store/3rd screen consumer touchpoints. With a workforce of highly trained and dedicated mobile IT specialists, the company is on top of today’s technology trends guiding customers through an innovation roadmap, which is driven by its unique business model. To date, the company has worked with over 700 clients, including a mix of hundreds of innovative startups and the largest Fortune 100 companies. For additional information, visit:

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