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Three Reasons Why Consumers Uninstall Mobile Apps

According to Technopedia, there are approximately 3.1 million apps on Google Play and the Apple Store. Getting consumers to download an app is difficult enough; getting them to keep it is a whole other bargain.

Thirty-six percent of mobile users uninstall apps within a month of downloading them, and only 11 percent keep their apps for a year. Many factors influence early uninstallation. The following are three examples.

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1. The app has a limited life cycle.

Apps that are only usable for a particular period are often uninstalled once they have completed their purpose. Examples of this type of app include apps that track weight loss, apps created to coincide with a movie release or event, and short games.

If a limited life cycle app is performing well, developers should use it to promote continuous engagement by getting users to sign up for their next app.

2. The app brings nothing new or necessary to the table.

People download apps for many reasons: to learn new things, have fun, or make their life easier. An app that does not meet their needs will get uninstalled quickly, if it ever gets installed at all. Developers should avoid creating apps that are boring, have limited usability, or are simply “not the right fit” for their intended audience. It’s impossible to make everyone happy, so research and analytics are key to narrowing down what the target audience needs and wants.

3. The app is not user-friendly.

Apps that crash, freeze, or take up too much storage are quickly uninstalled. Complicated instructions and an overload of features can overwhelm users.

Creating an app takes a lot of time and effort, so it can be frustrating to developers and marketing teams to be able to place a working app on the market and have its target audience download it, only to uninstall it a few days later. Apps should be thoroughly tested and run on various devices and operating systems to uncover any problems and fix them before release.

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Numerous other factors could lead to early uninstalls. To avoid them, developers should learn more about what their target users want by stepping up their research and focusing on creating a good user experience that incentivizes the loyalty of users.

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