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Avoid these 4 common UX errors found on websites


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Building an online presence can be tricky for businesses with the huge advent in technology and devices. A well-designed website can instantly make a mark on the customer by delivering the right message at the right time and on the right medium

Despite the importance of a good website, many businesses still overlook simple design issue and end up with websites which are not only user friendly but have no impact on the business. Agreed that websites have various elements and it can be difficult to assign a hierarchy to these elements in order to determine which should be highlighted for the end user and which elements can be ultimately removed for a better overall experience but that cannot be a excuse when the resources to engineer a successful website are so readily available these days.

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On that note here are some of the common mistakes that businesses commit when building their online presences:

1. Neglecting the micro-interactions. Some well-designed websites with great content may still end up failing if they are bogged down by controls and small elements that users find frustrating.

2. Too much text. Some businesses can go overboard with the amount of text that they put on their website. The trouble is that there are other forms of content that they can use and that not all site-users may take the time to read everything.

3. Designed for the wrong demographic. It is important for website designers to take into account the priorities of their target audience. Designing the website based on these considerations will allow them to figure out what elements they need to add so that the end users will find the content and services offered valuable.

4. Not optimized for all channels. Mobile and multi-screen use have increased rapidly and failing to take this into account while designing the website may limit positive user interactions.

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