Photon Infotech is a Great Place to Work for Engineers Who Want to Learn

If you are an engineer and are looking out to work on interesting projects in the mobile and tablet applications domain then Photon Infotech is a great company to pursue. Current and past employees rave about the opportunities to perform cutting-edge work for top corporate clients. You will gain great exposure to latest mobile and omnichannel technologies which will propel your career in the immediate future. Employees also speak highly of the many opportunities to learn, as well as opportunities to advance within the company, along with good onsite opportunities.Photon Infotech focuses on providing cloud to consumer user experiencesMobile, tablet, kiosk, in-store/3rd screen are some of the multiple channels on which engineers work for the company’s clients. They develop central IT technology that is distributed in a number of compelling ways to consumers, which minimizes costs for clients while also providing a consistent user experience.

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Engineers at Photon Infotech work on marquee client projects, including Walgreens25% of fortune 100. The company can not only be an excellent starting point for a recent college graduates, but it can also be a great mid-career move. Regardless of your career stage when you join the company, you will be surrounded by smart and driven technologists from whom you will learn an enormous amount. Because the company is committed to remaining on the bleeding-edge of technology, you can be sure that you will continue to learn and gain exposure to the latest developments within the cloud to consumer user experience space.

As you consider your next employment move, take a close look at the opportunities Photon Infotech has to offer.

Photon is the largest global provider of Cloud-to-Consumer User Experiences™ (C2C-UX™). For more on Photon visit


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Photon Infotech is the largest global provider of Cloud-to-Consumer User Experiences (C2C-UX), which are cross-platform, multichannel solutions that include mobile, social, web, kiosk, and in-store/3rd screen consumer touchpoints. With a workforce of highly trained and dedicated mobile IT specialists, the company is on top of today’s technology trends guiding customers through an innovation roadmap, which is driven by its unique business model. To date, the company has worked with over 700 clients, including a mix of hundreds of innovative startups and the largest Fortune 100 companies. For additional information, visit:

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