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Mobility matters

Based on the market for mobile devices, it really does.

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In an age where consumers are attached to mobile applications and devices, mobility is one of the greatest factors that contribute to the success of a business. Through and across various operating systems for mobile devices such as the iOS and Android, marketers keep on pushing boundaries by bringing ‘mobile’ ideas into action.

“There’s hard work. And then there’s luck. But there’s also that something else that makes all the difference. And it’s that edge that differentiates the most successful apps from the rest of them,” says mobile app and marketing expert, Rahul Varshneya.

Sharing his insights on, Varshneya revealed that the secret to creating a successful mobile app is to build a product that customers want. He also stressed that companies must consider building a fantastic product that is validated based on customer feedback.

Another reason for the continuing popularity of mobile apps is their ability to become another great product that either solves a problem or entertains.

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A good example of these apps are Zit Picker, Yo Mama and iFar, all of which described as apps “that are true to their names.” Today, these apps are not only seen as mobile software, but useful tools that customers incorporate in their daily lives.

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Photon Infotech is a Great Place to Work for Engineers Who Want to Learn

If you are an engineer and are looking out to work on interesting projects in the mobile and tablet applications domain then Photon Infotech is a great company to pursue. Current and past employees rave about the opportunities to perform cutting-edge work for top corporate clients. You will gain great exposure to latest mobile and omnichannel technologies which will propel your career in the immediate future. Employees also speak highly of the many opportunities to learn, as well as opportunities to advance within the company, along with good onsite opportunities.Photon Infotech focuses on providing cloud to consumer user experiencesMobile, tablet, kiosk, in-store/3rd screen are some of the multiple channels on which engineers work for the company’s clients. They develop central IT technology that is distributed in a number of compelling ways to consumers, which minimizes costs for clients while also providing a consistent user experience.

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Engineers at Photon Infotech work on marquee client projects, including Walgreens25% of fortune 100. The company can not only be an excellent starting point for a recent college graduates, but it can also be a great mid-career move. Regardless of your career stage when you join the company, you will be surrounded by smart and driven technologists from whom you will learn an enormous amount. Because the company is committed to remaining on the bleeding-edge of technology, you can be sure that you will continue to learn and gain exposure to the latest developments within the cloud to consumer user experience space.

As you consider your next employment move, take a close look at the opportunities Photon Infotech has to offer.

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We live in a world which is increasingly going digital. Consumer touch points are increasing exponentially and marketers are in a soup to expand and enhance their digital presence at breakneck speeds or face the consequences of losing out to competition. This exponential growth can be challenging for enterprise IT departments as they have to successfully test and launch digital programs ideated by marketing department with very less turnaround times. Many of the enterprises who are at the forefront of this digital revolution often rely smartly on vendors for a impactful go to market strategy.

Let us take time to quantify what constitutes a good strategy. First things first an enterprise should be very sure why do you want presence on a particular channel and what is the goal of the organization for the same. Some organizations want a mobile or tablet presence just because it would mean a tick on their checklist. Next the focus should be on the user and about how to improve the overall user experience. Many companies have fallen in the trap of over spending on backend systems and not spending enough on the front end interface when the importance for the user is diametrically opposite. Next is the speed of completion of digital programs and for that to happen the marriage of marketing and IT teams is of paramount importance.

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Does the above look daunting? Then you should look at partners who can work with you and help you achieve your digital goals. One such partner is Photon Infotech. Photon Infotech is the largest provider of Cloud to Consumer User Experiences (C2C-UX™) with market share over 25% of the Fortune 100 served, largest in dedicated omnichannel engineers with over 1600 across US, India and Indonesia, and largest in consumer touchpoints with over 60 million a day. Photon Infotech employees proudly work side-by-side with your team and can scale when needed. Apart from the ability to deliver on digital programs Photon Infotech also has tremendous visibility into emerging technologies and they know how to leverage it and apply it to business contexts. Additionally Photon Infotech has great insights into which new technologies are a flash-in-the-pan and which ones are here to stay.

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