Photon Infotech: Beyond Mobile Application Development

Photon Infotech uses cutting edge technology to provide their customers with mobile and omnichannel solutions that are both effective and efficient.  Throughout the company’s years in the IT industry, Photon has worked with a variety of successful businesses, from startups to Fortune 100 companies.  These many years of experience give Photon the added advantage of being able to identify emerging technology trends and use them to develop growth and success strategies for their clients.

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Photon is the leader in technology and has over 1600 mobile engineers for all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, blackberry and others. Mobile App’s developed by Photon have won several industry awards. Photon uses its I4 model – Ideate, Implement, iterate and interpret to drive multichannel project success from ideation, through implementation and beyond into iteration.

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However, IT expertise is just one part of Photon Infotech.  The company also has a creative design division, 72 pixels which operate out of New York.  This division works with clients to provide expertly crafted front-end creative solutions.  Photon’s IT department then helps to bring these ideas to life, using industry best practices such as wireframes, prototypes, demos, and minimum viable product (MVP).

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This end to end delivery – from front end creative based immersive user experiences through to cloud based backend solutions enables the company to provide effective cloud-to-consumer user experiences for the customer.  Because the company has design and IT departments, customers get support on their projects from the very beginning of a marketing concept and through implementation of that idea.  Because one company provides world class design and technology expertise, it ensures that the finished project is delivered quickly and efficiently.


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About photoninfotech01

Photon Infotech is the largest global provider of Cloud-to-Consumer User Experiences (C2C-UX), which are cross-platform, multichannel solutions that include mobile, social, web, kiosk, and in-store/3rd screen consumer touchpoints. With a workforce of highly trained and dedicated mobile IT specialists, the company is on top of today’s technology trends guiding customers through an innovation roadmap, which is driven by its unique business model. To date, the company has worked with over 700 clients, including a mix of hundreds of innovative startups and the largest Fortune 100 companies. For additional information, visit:

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